I Miss the European XPRO Taste of Agfa CT Precisa 100


Agfa CT Precisa has blue tones, great balance between color contrast and visibility, and reasonable price. I just love it and I’m lucky to have the last chance to taste the European Blue for XPRO. Let’s see how great it is.

Fresh Agfa CT Precisa can still be found in market, but not made in EU already. The “Made in Japan” one (by Fujifilm) goes green after XPRO, which is not my cup of tea.

I’m living in Hong Kong, where the sky is not as blue as Australia’s, or other European countries. I always want to have more concentrated blue tones in my Lomographs.

When I tried the EU CT Precisa once, the XPRO effect creates a more wonderful blue sky. It also has higher contrast of other colors, but does not make the whole picture shift towards a single color tone. I usually use it on sunny days with blue skies. I can just use the word “amazing” to explain the feeling of European CT100. Whether using Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim, Lomo LC-A+ or other toy cameras, the CT100 is my all time favorite!

When I use the CT100 with night or indoor conditions, the colors tend to look a bit crazy, but still keeps other colors like the pictures taken outdoors.

It’s unlucky that, the film base of CT100 totally changed after the production of European AgfaPhoto films stopped. So don’t miss the chance when you find the EU CT100 even it has been expired! Use it, XPRO it, and LOVE it!!!

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  1. deedeet
    deedeet ·

    agreed,agfa ct precisa it's amazing thru the cross processed, and those are very beautiful photos! nice article :))

  2. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Curious that your brightly lit, outdoor shots are predominantly blue - and great, by the way! - while the low-lit and indoor ones went mostly green. Any tips on how to tell whether a roll of Precisa is EU-made? Does it say so on the box? Would be good to know, as I'd definitely like to try this film.

  3. cwyeung
    cwyeung ·

    @deedeet Thanks =)
    @buckshot You can find where it made on the pagckage of the film(Made in EU/Japan). The box size of Japan one should be similar to other films made by Fujifilm. Also, the new one use a picture with houses inside the slide frame, but the EU one have a boat photo inside the slide frame.

    Old (EU, should be expired):

    New (Japan):

  4. tenczys
    tenczys ·

    I have been using Ektachrome 64 from Kodak and It gave me similar results. Do you know maybe other films that are getting such a nice contrast instead of getting single greenish color?

  5. cwyeung
    cwyeung ·

    @tenczys for expired films, I recommand the Kodak Ektachrome Tungsten, for example:
    The fresh options could be Kodak Elite Chrome 100/200 or Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 (produce by Kodak)

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