Escape from the City: Kampung Baru

Not exactly an escape from the city as it is right in the middle of it – but it sure feels like being away from the city!

Kampung Baru is a place I’ve always wanted to visit; all the while I’ve only passed by that area or seen photos of it, but never had the chance to explore that place on foot.

One day after a street shooting event in KL, I met up with my colleagues for lunch and one of them suggested a place in Kampung Baru. Thankfully I brought along an extra roll of film, an expired Fuji T64 and my LC-Wide! I set the camera to half frame mode but I did not bring along the frame mask – hence the endless panoramas.

The place is really quaint and serene despite it being a Saturday afternoon, while in other places in KL it would be all hustle and bustle. What I loved the most about this place is the fact that it is so near to the Petronas Towers, yet far away for them to be in the background – it is really fun trying to practice composition as the contrast is so stark. Walking through the streets of Kampung Baru is like taking a time machine back in time!

The people here are really friendly and the kids are great subjects to shoot – at least they are out playing, cycling and running here and there, unlike most city kids whose eyes are glued to their parents’ iPhone and playing Angry Birds all the time. We stopped along the way for some refreshing coconut water and Malay kuih as well!

Some houses here are really well-preserved; I guess the great thing about this is it returns a little humanity to this fast-growing city, like an oasis in a desert of development. Kampung Baru’s charm is best experienced on foot, so you can wander along the little alleys and back lanes for a glimpse of ethnic Malay lifestyle.

As for me, fortunately I used half-frame; 36 shots are not enough for this amazing little place!

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