How To Make Yourself The Cheapest Tripod In The Easiest Way?


Here I would like to share about my experience on how I made myself the cheapest tripod by using Blu-tack when I get started the journey in Lomography. I never have any tripod or shuttle release cable for myself, so I have to go for the creative way with what I have! For those who wish to take longer exposure photo but without tripod or shuttle release cable, now worry no more!

Buy a package of blu-tack and put it in your Lomo camera bag, you will find it very useful!

1. Tear off an amount you require (depends on the weight of your camera), divide it into four pieces, then stick it on the corners at the bottom of your camera.

2. Now, you can stick your camera anywhere stably as long as the surface of the object is flat!

(On the table and even on the wall!)

Let’s see those longer exposure photos of mine which were taken by using the method above, no tripod and shuttle release cable were used at all:

(This photo was taken indoor of a shopping complex, exposure approximately 7 seconds)
(This photo was taken on a sky bridge of a highway, exposure approximately 9 seconds)
(This is at Singapore Qlarke Quay, the horizontal shot was taken when the camera attached on the ground, whereby the vertical shot was taken when the camera attached on a pole.)

Besides, here’s another tip of using blu-tack on my Camera. i lost my lens cap, therefore I made myself one with recycling cardboard, wire tape, and blu-tack. Here’s the preview of my self-made lens cap:

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  1. analogmonolog
    analogmonolog ·

    very helpful :)

  2. 20031991
    20031991 ·

    The sky bridge highway photo was taken with which ISO range?

  3. limjoeyee
    limjoeyee ·

    if not mistaken, this is ISO 400 :)

  4. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·


  5. limjoeyee
    limjoeyee ·

    Thank you natalie :)

  6. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    Cool article! :)

  7. wen_xiang_chue_93
    wen_xiang_chue_93 ·

    Great Tipster! :D

  8. limjoeyee
    limjoeyee ·

    Thank you, Domo & Wen Xiang^^

  9. nicoleger
    nicoleger ·

    This is cool! Im so going to try!

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