Austin, Texas: 1931


While digging through a drawer-full of photos that my great uncle Henry took (an early Lomography pioneer, I assume), I found this amazing panoramic shot of Congress Avenue in my hometown of Austin, Texas taken with an early Cirkut Panoramic camera. It’s a breathtaking photo in my opinion.

This photo was taken 80 years ago. Just let that sink in: 80 YEARS. To make it even more special, it was taken with an early panoramic camera. I find the fact that panoramic technology was available at that time quite incredible. I found this photo digging through old family photos, and the negative was even coupled with it!

A tiny bit of the right edge is cut off because it was too big for my scanner! Anyway, Congress Avenue is the large street in the middle that leads to the Texas State Capitol. This iconic building was built from 1882-1888 and is the largest state capital building in America. You can see the capital from almost anywhere downtown. Obviously all the surrounding buildings and downtown area have changed over 80 years, but the capital and street leading to it are still there.

I also found 2 more photos that he took. The first one is a picture of a ship, and on the back of the photo my uncle wrote about where it was taken and that it was taken in 1932:

This next photo is a picture of my uncle at his oil rigs, and it is actually watercolored it in! On the back, he wrote his initials.

I am very fortunate that my great uncle took so many pictures. I assume he saw photography as a part of his life rather than an interference, eh?

Source used: Wikipedia

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  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    What great pictures. They belong in the Bob Bullock museum or the UT library. I'm not kidding.

  2. weaselwiththecam
    weaselwiththecam ·

    TY for sharing this. The pics are amazing. Loved the water-colored one.

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