Food and Drink: Cooper's Barbecue, Texas' Finest


I’m not gonna lie to you guys, Texas has the best BBQ you will ever have in your life. Okay, maybe I’m a little biased, but the lone star state will give any other place a run for its money when it comes to barbecue. In this article I’m gonna introduce y’all to Cooper’s Barbecue, perhaps the most popular BBQ establishment in Texas located in the central Texas hill country.

I’ve been to Cooper’s BBQ about 100+ times in my life. It’s conveniently located 20 minutes from my lakehouse on Lake Buchanan, so it’s our popular lunch destination. There are actually three locations in Texas (Llano, Ft. Worth Stockyards, and New Braunfels), but we go to the original one which is in Llano. When you drive up to Cooper’s, you are greeted by a large and friendly sign:

You then hop in line outside and eventually make it to the outdoor pit area where you choose your meat and the friendly workers put it on a tray for you to take inside:

When inside, the people working there will cut your food up in to more manageable sized pieces, and you can pick up some delicious coleslaw, potato salad, etc.

Then you sit down inside and chow down. Be sure to check out all the stuff hanging on the walls (such as a hilarious picture of George W. Bush chowing down on some ribs at Cooper’s, along with a thank you letter from him).

Good meals and good times are always guaranteed at Cooper’s Old Time Barbecue. Y’all come back now!

(Disclaimer: I have never said “Y’all come back now” aloud when in public. Don’t worry.)

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  1. russheath
    russheath ·

    Agreed! Coopers has the best BBQ anywhere!! I've been to the Llano location many times, and we sometimes arrange our whole trip to Texas so that we can make it by Cooper's at least once . . . :D

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