My First Year in Analogue!


Oh what a year it’s been! Come share my love for our non-digital friends.

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This is how it all started for me, those two photos above. They triggered it. I fell in love at first sight. I needed a Diana Mini. I just had to have one. I knew I couldn’t live without it.

My first photo? This one:

Turned out to be a multiple exposure! Had no idea how or why but I loved it.

My first ‘great’ photo? This one:

Again, it was a surprise I had discovered microclicks and miniramas as well as cross-processing all at one go. I had no idea about either – but it happened and it was great.

My first let down happened when a month after I got my Diana Mini I took it to Hungary with me. Most of the photos turned out terribly overexposed and only managed to salvage a few. It made me terribly unhappy.

But I certainly didn’t let it get to me, no, and not only did I keep shooting left, right and center, I also packed my Diana Mini and took it to France with me! That’s where I bought the SuperSampler and took my first shots with it:

I subsequently packed both Diana Mini and SuperSampler and headed to Frankfurt and Venice and here are some results:

Even at home, in Malta, I couldn’t stop shooting and experimenting I took my cameras everywhere just as it says in the golden rules.

Then, some time later I got myself the Sprocket Rocket and it changed everything!

Of course at the beginning I had no Digitiliza so I couldn’t scan the sprockets but I eventually did get one and here are some results:

In the meantime, I also made some great friends abroad by swapping films and shooting doubles. We had some good results and some not so good ones!

When I got my hands on the Fisheye2, I discovered the joy of trying to produce a series of shots and I loved and still love, every minute of it.

Just this week, perhaps also to celebrate my anniversary, I got the Spinner 360 and here are my first shots:

Yes, that’s 5 new cameras in 12 months! I know, it is verging on addiction at this point. But who cares? I think I’ve had some very special moments with my lomo-companions along the way, and I shan’t cease to love them!

I don’t want to stop. Lomography has become a part of my life, a passion and a friend. Don’t know what I would do without it.

All photos (except the first two) belong to my lomohome
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  1. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    I make a year of analogue in October :) Perhaps I'll write an article too!

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