Southeastern Railway Museum


The Southeastern Railway Museum is a hidden gem for Lomographers and sits right outside Atlanta. It houses over 75 extinct trains, many of which you can walk through. You get a day’s pass and can come and go as you please!

I’ve been meaning to go to the museum for close to a year and after two rainy day attempts recently, I finally made it! I was thrilled and can’t believe I haven’t gone until now. I had some expired film to work through and so I took about 10 rolls on three different cameras: a Holga, a Recesky, and an old Pentax. I brought along some redscale and I’m glad I did because I’m very pleased at how most of the pictures turned out. It was even a relief because I’ve been taking so many pictures on expired film and have had some lackluster results lately! Go redscale!

The others are just on some expired 1600 B&W 35mm film.

I highly recommend that if you live in Atlanta or are visiting anytime soon, do visit this location and shoot until you can’t anymore!

Currently, it’s only $8 to get in and you get an informative map detailing each train. I recommend taking various speeds of films because some of the trains are housed inside, some outside, and some are open to walk through.

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