Dutch Record Stores - #3 Second Life Music, Amsterdam

Second Life Music is the third store I’ve covered for my Lomography record store series. It’s located at the Prince’s Canal and owned by sixties lover Chris. Next to music from this era, he sells almost every other genre and record players. Both tourists and regulars often stop by for a chat and some music.

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, I covered the third store for my Lomography record store series. This time it features Second Life Music, a messy but cozy store located at the Prince’s Canal.

Frontside, Street view and Entrance

Second Life Music is owned by Chris. Chris has had the shop for about eight years now. At first, he shared the place with an antiquarian. Before that, he sold his records at flea markets. As the pictures might show, Chris’ taste covers reggae, blues and beat music.

Roots, Janis Joplin and Chris behind counter

Next to records, Second Life Music is filled with all sorts of turntables and even a Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine. Although I recall a friend picking up a nice Fisher Price Record Player, my best buy must be Centipede Experimental Sequences’ Identified Target, a Dutch techno record.

Keith Monks RCM, Turntables and Gramophone

According to Chris, other customers include tourists, youngsters, locals and regulars. They come in for a wide range of music, divided over two storeys. As you can’t see, one upstairs wall is spray painted with a nice piece. Downstairs backroom finally houses the office.

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