Dutch Record Stores - #4 Flesch Records, Amsterdam

Flesch Records is the fourth store I’ve covered for my Lomography record store series. As the owner Harry didn’t have time to discuss his shop, I had to draw mostly from my own experiences.

On a this time sunny Saturday afternoon, I covered Flesch Records, the fourth store in my Lomography record store series. Flesch Records is located at 16 Noorderkerkstraat, in the Jordaan district.

Frontsite, Entrance, Street view, Be right back

Sadly though, because it was too crowded, I didn’t get a chance to talk to Harry, the Volendam costume dressed owner of the store. Nevertheless judging from this picture on the wall, I think Flesch Records used to be a drugstore.

Harry and Globe

Further more, it occurred to me that most customers come in for fruit and vegetables, which Harry also sells. Me, I’d rather stop by for his nice but sometimes expensive record and record players collection.

Legs, Records, Record players, Gramophone and Needles

For example, at Flesch Records I’ve dug up a copy of Gabor Szabo and The California Dreamers – Wind, Sky and Diamonds, a record I don’t come across too often. Also, it’s at this store that I discovered the Italian singer Mina. She’s done a version of Jorge Ben’s Dominga that’s well worth checking out. Lastly, Harry’s partner once sold me a vintage portable turntable that’s not only battery operated, but also equipped with a radio and headphone output.

Voor dit soort dingen zal ik altijd wel bij Flesch Records blijven komen. Alhoewel de Duitse platen me nooit echt getrokken hebben…


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