LomoAmigo Spiros Poros at the Special Olympics

Greek-native Spiros Poros is our newest LomoAmigo! His photographs have a cinematographic appeal which exudes enigma and passion. This time, using his Diana F+, his portraits became more special — he delved into the lives of special people and he captured their exceptional sides on film…

Name: Spiros Poros
City: New York
Country: USA

How long have you been a Lomographer – or are you new to this whole thing?

I experimented with Lomography 8 years ago in LA using a Holga. After that, I did some stuff while i was living in New York. And now I am more exited about the whole Lomography philosophy.

Please describe the Diana in 5 words.

Radiant, surpring, vibrant, unpredictable, plastic-fantastic.

The strangest, funniest or hands-down greatest Lomographic experience you’ve ever had.

The smiling faces of the athletes in Special Olympics while I photographed them, is definitely a great experience for me.

If you could use any Lomography/analogue camera in your work as a fashion photographer, what would it be and why?

I’d definitely use Diana. It has a great result in colour which highlights the fabrics of clothing.

Editorials aside, why do you shoot portraits and landscapes in black and white?

I find black and white photos are very artistic and much more challenging. There’s no colour to satisfy the eyes, so it’s just the structure of the picture and the subject.

Shooting photos for a living is the coolest. Do you shoot just for fun, too?

Even when I make it for a living, I am having a good time. But, yes, I can’t help myself and stop shooting anything that catches my attention during the day.

Do you usually attend the Special Olympics? Tell us about your experiences at the event in Athens.

It was the first time I ever attended the Special Olympics. The experience was simply magical. It gives such a great thrill to see all these athletes to be so strong and joyful. I felt like I was the one being photographed by them and this exposure led me to a wonderful interaction with all athletes.

What was your favorite part to shoot at the event?

I have many favourite shots, but since I am very keen on ballet and dancing lately, I’d say that I really enjoyed the rythmic gymnastics for the strength, flexibility, and artistry of the athletes.

Who did you go with? Were you on a date?

None, I went by myself.

Which shot of the Olympics are you most proud of?

Rhythmic gymnastics.

What tips can you give new Diana users?

Open you eyes, but above all, your mind while using it and let yourself go. Play with it, try things. The result will put a smile on your face.

View more of Spiros Poros’ works at www.spirosporos.com.

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