LomoAmigo Stevo Goldstein Takes the Diana F+ for a Ride


He’s into speed as well as shutter variety. But that’s not to say he isn’t one of us. In fact, this multi-awarded racer lists photography as one of his main hobbies. Let’s take a look at his tracks as recorded by the Diana F+.

NAME: Steven Goldstein
CITY: Milano

Tell the community a little bit about yourself, what is it you do for fun? Is it the same as you do for work?
I am a racecar driver by profession, but my interests are very varied. My perfect day off is spent at the beach: swimming, jet skiing and playing beach volley. Film also captivates me. On the intellectual side I enjoy learning languages and reading, although it’s hard to find the time. Airplanes are great for this.

How long have you been a Lomographer (or are you new to this whole thing)?
This is my first time experimenting with Lomography, but I find that I really like the distorted, retro, old school images that come as an end result.

What’s the hands-down greatest Lomographic encounter you’ve ever had?
Trying to take a picture while driving at 300 km/h!

Please describe the Diana F+ in five words
practical, different, stylish, retro, distorted reality.

Given the chance to go back to your native Panama, Diana F+ in tow, what would you take photos of?
Definitely the tropics, Panama has such a vast amount of ecological diversity. The Smithsonian has one of its most important research centers worldwide in Panama City.

Any tips on how to work the Diana F+?
Make sure to read the manual, it takes 5 minutes and saves you a whole lot of trouble…

What other analogue cameras are on your lust list?
I’ve got my eye on the “Spinner 360°”:http://shop.lomography.com/cameras/camera-best-sellers/spinner-360 I’ve always wanted to capture the whole scene around me, and this camera lets you do just that.

Photography being one of your hobbies, do you always bring a camera with you, even to the tracks?
I do. Moments need to be frozen in time. Stories are weak without a picture. A picture says a thousand words.

What’s the craziest thing a fan of yours has ever done?
Once in a free practice my car had a problem so I parked it in a safe place. One of the the audience members was a Carabinieri (policeman in Italy) and he asked me for an autograph. I said of yes, of course, and then he asked me if I have a pen. All covered up in layers of fireproof gear and taking an aggressive machine to the limit, why would I have a pen on me? The second… a gentleman told me he would give me 50 goats to marry his daughter!

What is a slow day like for a race car driver?
Disconnecting from the world. OFF all communication technology. ON all entertainment technology.

If you didn’t pursue race car driving, what do you think you would be doing instead?
I like investing lots. It’s a fascinating, although risky way of growing your patrimony. That said, I would probably seek a business related to racing and push hard to make it bloom.

Want to learn more about Stevo’s racing career? Check out his official website

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  1. valeria-mascarponi
    valeria-mascarponi ·

    Stevo!!! You rock!!!!! That camera takes pretty funky pictures, actually. Like it!

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