Seascape from the City: Sorrento


Seashells, footprints in the sand, seagulls or piping hot fish and chips. What do you like about the beach? Beautiful Sorrento is not only where I’ve spent every summer I can remember but it’s a great place to explore with your camera and a loved one any time of year. Only 2hrs from Melbourne! Easy!

Hitting the beach, there’s nothing quite like it. Since I was a child, my family has always gone to Sorrento where my great-grandfather built a house. Every summer we would load up the car, having to turn back at least two or three times for forgotten items. The keys, that roast chicken in the fridge, our dog, my best friend. Somehow it would always take hours to get there but when we arrived, it was always amazing.

Ice cream tasted better, sand was supposed to be tracked all through the house and only the brave would venture into the waves at high tide.

Now I go every winter with my love. We go for time alone, warm fires, cold wine on the balcony, and to go exploring.

Since I bought my first lomo camera at the start of this year I have started to see the world differently, as photographs waiting to happen and Sorrento is one beach town that is utterly inspiring.

Because it is on the tip of a peninsula there are two types of beaches. Flat beaches in the bay with boats, little fishes and jetties. In summer, there are children splashing in the safe calm waters. A five-minute drive away are rugged cliffs and dangerous rocky ocean beaches. If you feel like exploring you can walk for kilometres along the clifftops between Blairgowre and Portsea or drive 10 minutes to Point Nepean, a national park that takes up the very tip of the peninsula. It used to be an army station so it is full of old army barracks, wild animals, and canons.

Things to bring: sunscreen and bathers, camera and film, spare change for coffee, ice cream, fish and chips and cakes. Sense of adventure and surprise! (A beach ball and kite wouldn’t hurt either!)

So what will you take? And what will you take home? Shells? A few big fishes? Sandy feet? Or maybe a new taste for life, some memories of being a child or being a child at heart.

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  1. keroro79
    keroro79 ·

    Brilliant pics! We are off to see my sister-in law who lives in Clifton Springs at Christmas, so will be seeing lots of the area roundabouts.

  2. freyfrey
    freyfrey ·

    I hope you have a great time!

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