Direct from Los Angeles -- A Review of Ilford Delta Pro 3200!


Ilford has created a wonderful 3200 speed film for all to enjoy!

I got a roll of Ilford Deltapro. I went all over Los Angeles and Hollywood shooting photos. Some days were sunny. Some days were gloomy. The Ilford Deltapro 3200 broke through both sun and glare, capturing the lovely images that I now share. Every photo that I had shot was developed in a manner that was clear. Every image that I saw is what I also now hold dear!

Ilford Deltapro 3200 performed well under all conditions. Both Camera and photos survived the craziness of downtown Los Angeles. A lot of styrofoam were smashed and destroyed as I shot photos of a wild orchestra! I also shot photos of the public transit in Los Angeles, a city known for its cars! I then went and shot photos of Hollywood’s infamous 101 Freeway, (pre-Karmageddon).

Ilford Deltapro 3200 was a hero for both my camera and the images I captured. The film was able to capture photos despite the haze of both traffic grit and smashed styoafoam. Commuter train drama did not destroy the ability of my photos to survive!

Ilford Deltapro 3200 — I like this film!

Ilford Deltapro 3200 35mm is super-high-speed film allows for hand-held shooting in low light without a flash. It also features a fat film grain for that authentic old-school “noir” look. Check it out with the rest of our black and white film selection.

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