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Agfa CT Precisa 100: Broaden Your Horizon


Whenever I take photos with my Horizon Kompakt, I must take at least one roll of Agfa CT Precisa 100 film. Why? It gives me the most beautiful colors after cross-processing.

First of all, Agfa CT Precisa captures the wide blue sky stunningly.

Credits: sebastiansiu

Take a photo using this film before sunset and the sky becomes romantic purple.

Credits: sebastiansiu

The bright sun makes the trees around it red and those far away green.

Credits: sebastiansiu

How about the ocean? It looks greenish blue under the bright sun.

Credits: sebastiansiu

It looks grey and blue when the weather is cloudy.

Credits: sebastiansiu

The lake becomes a bit yellow and a bit blue under the light of the setting sun.

Credits: sebastiansiu

Don’t forget to take pictures of double exposure!

Credits: sebastiansiu

This is why I like films!

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One Comment

  1. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    The photo with the boats is amazing, the colours looks stunning. Do you know whether it is the old agfa precisa or the new emulsion? My photos with this film always come out greeny yellow when xpro.

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