Ilford Pan F Plus (35mm, 50 ISO)


If you’re a black and white film enthusiast you must try at least once this one of a kind and versatile film! Ilford Pan F Plus does very well in a wide range of lighting conditions: what you need to do is be patient when you take your shots and you will be rewarded with some high quality black and white photos.

The official Ilford website clearly states that this film is a very versatile one and is suitable for subjects ranging from architecture, to still-life and portraiture, to medical. It is also specified that it is a high quality black and white film but for outstanding results which show the value of this film, it must be carefully processed. You can find these technical specifications here.

Last time I used a black and white film, I took the shots using an old Smena 8. I liked how the photos turned out, but I wanted to try something new and give a more modern feel to my B&W shots. So I loaded the Ilford Pan F Plus in my Diana F+ with the Diana+ 35mm Back and the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens. This way I could get a wide angle effect and fortunately give my photos a more modern look.

I wanted to try some architecture photography and headed out to the old part of town and then to the cemetery. I was very pleased with the results although not all shot came out as sharp as I expected (probably due to the way it was processed at my local lab).

- Versatile film (you will get good results in a variety of lighting conditions)
- Very good contrast and details

-You have to develop it at a professional lab to get the best results

All in all, Ilford PanF Plus is a great black and white film that gives you the chance to take a whole range of high quality shots. I particularly enjoyed taking pictures of old building and monuments, but next time I will surely experiment more!

If image quality is a priority over film speed, count on the Ilford Pan F 50 35mm to yield excellent images with fine detail and undetectable grain. Check it out with the rest of our black and white film selection.

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