Agfa CT Precisa (35mm, 100 ISO)


If you like the excitement of discovering new things or you’re just into unexpected surprises, then Agfa CT Precisa is the film for you! Just load it in your favorite analogue camera and start shooting; then ask your local lab to cross-process it and you’re done!

I got my first roll of Agfa CT Precisa from one of the local on-line stores for about 4 Euros; the first thing that crossed my mind was that it’s cheap for a slide film so I was very curious how the photos will turn out. I used it with my Diana F+, Diana 35mm Back and Diana 20mm Fisheye Lens and hoped for the best.

I really wanted to push it to the limit, so I also took some indoor shots in not so good lighting conditions (although the instructions clearly specify that is a daylight and flash film). I got some really neat results by using the Bulb function (about 10 seconds) and cloudy aperture setting on my Diana. Notice the green and pink shades of the photos.

1,2,3: B function + cloudy aperture; 4,5,6: N function + cloudy aperture

However, the best results are definitely on a sunny day: great contrast, vivid colors and sharpness are the main features of these shots.

Shooting in the shade or on a cloudy day will keep the great contrast of the photos and the sharpness but will add an extra color shift. So you’ll get some really cool shades of green, red or blue.

• Unexpected color shifts – you will get greenish, pinkish or bluish photos but also high contrast and saturated colors
• Can be used with good results in a variety of lighting conditions
• Great price for a slide film

• None

All in all, Agfa CT Precisa has become one of my favorite type of film: it has a great price, it’s very versatile and the photos turn out great!

For more technical info check out the The Agfa Site

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    Thanks. Nice pictures + great adventure!!

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