Multi-Lens Camera and Summer Dreams


When somebody says “summer” I imagine sun, beach, sand… and lots of fun! How to photograph all this fun? I know! A camera! But…will a single lens capture all the fun? So, go with a camera with several lenses!

One day, I went with my family to a beach called “hornitos” near my city, it’s a big beach where one can play, run, and feel free! I run, jumped…I was a kid again!

Credits: gaabi

Another stage: Maitencillo, a beach known because of its waves and surf, perfect to try something new and full of adrenaline! I was with my cousins and we had lots of fun together.

Credits: gaabi

But summer doesn’t only mean sun, beach and sand…for me, it’s love and holidays to see my boyfriend, going out to have dinner, dancing and enjoying the summer! And there has to be a lomo shoot!

Credits: gaabi

All this scenes are perfect to play with multi-lens cameras and capture its moments. And what a perfect moment than summer. Winter is funny too…but different!

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written by gaabi on 2011-08-09 #lifestyle #summer #sun #verano #lomography #actionsampler #sol #multi-lens #analogue-lifestyle
translated by carlosbull


  1. gaabi
    gaabi ·

    thanks for the translation!!

  2. carlosbull
    carlosbull ·

    de nada! ;)

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