Party at the Rancho While the Norteño is Playing

Parties in small towns close to big cities in Mexico are really fun, full of folklore, music, good food, tequila and a great atmosphere.“Let’s go compadre,” the guy with the cowboy hat shouts at the microphone with his raspy, “macho” voice. All of the sudden, the first notes from the Norteño band start resonating throughout the hall.

Norteño is the name of a type of Mexican Folk Music. The name comes from the type of music they play that started in the North of the country.

Let’s go compadre!

The Norteño group has a characteristic sound, that’s based on the instruments they play, such as the accordion, bass and percussion. The rhythm they produce is really catchy and excellent to dance to with your friends. When I see them play their instruments, I can see how they really enjoy what they’re doing, They’re truly passionate about it and they’re here to share their love of this music with the rest of us.

Norteño band members playing their instruments.

They might not be the best singers in the world, especially with that raspy voice, but at the end of the day it’s about having fun. When I look around the dance hall, I can see that people don’t care too much about that, on the contrary they start getting up, finding a dancing partner and hitting the dance floor. The music pairs up with the sounds of laughter, people yelling, and the dance floor is now filled with people moving their bodies to the Norteño rhythm.

Couples dancing, the dance floor fills up in no time.

The rest of the night went by, we partied at the rancho while the Norteño kept playing.

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