Through Berlin with Anais Dupuis & Alexandra Vial: Street Art

These two adopted Berliners, Anais Dupuis and Alexandra Vial, are originally from Paris and have been shaking up the city’s art and street-art scenes since 2007. They report on them in their blog,, and here they show us some of the best spots to spot fine street art.

Street art is for Berlin, what rain is for England: essential. The city has built itself such an amazing reputation for urban art, that many artists have even moved to Berlin just to be a part of it. Among the hundreds of artists here, you can often come across the work of Alias, Just, One Up and Six. They literally stamp their signature all around the city on some of the most visible and unusual spots, including roof tops and building façades.

1. Just & One Up
Just and One Up are the two main crews; they use really old-school techniques (paint and spray cans.) For them, street art is a statement and a way of life and this means they often get into trouble with the law.

JUST: Manteuffelstraße, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
ONEUP: Michaelkirchstraße, 10179 Berlin-Kreuzberg

2. Alias
Alias works on his own; his technique is more sophisticated, mixing stencils with paint. Although artists like Alias are still treated as “emerging artists”, they really are true pioneers on the streets of Berlin.

Location: Boxhagener Platz, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

3. Super Blast
Super Blast is a real veteran of the scene. Well known during the 80s under the name “Komet”, he has evolved towards his current style: a mix between illustration and lettering. His influences come from the streets, from hip-hop, punk rock and skateboarding. He is now a graphic designer and often collaborates on projects with famous labels.

Location: Michaelkirchstraße, 10179 Berlin-Kreuzberg

4. Mymo
Mymo is one of the few girls on this scene. Her childish and unique monsters will immediately attract your attention. Whilst street art for Just or One Up is a statement or a way of life, for Mymo it is only one of many possible art mediums. She collaborates on other art projects, works on storefront decoration, makes T-shirts, makes illustrations for magazines etc.

Location: Torstrasse 74-76, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Where else can you find street art in Berlin? Well, practically everywhere. Of course Kreuzberg (Skalitzerstraße, Manteuffelstraße) is the birthplace of street art and it can be found everywhere. But over the years, the movement has leaked into other neighbourhoods such as Mitte (Linienstraße, Münzstraße), Friedrichshain (Falckensteinstraße, Revalerstraße) and Prenzlauer Berg (Kastanienal- lee, Dänenstraße). Just walk around and keep your eyes open!

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