Spotted: The Holga RED on ABC Family's 'Switched at Birth'


The new ABC Family Drama “Switched at Birth” tackles the problems of two families, who find out that their teenage daughters were switched at birth in the hospital. In episode 3 – Portrait of a Father – Emmett, one of the lead’s closest friends, proves that switching back to analogue is still the way to go.

The new ABC Family show centers around two teenage girls and their families, who could not be more unmatched if they tried. Daphne, due to an accident in her childhood, is attending a school for the deaf. In Episode 3: A Portrait of a Father, her best friend Emmett takes pictures with the Holga Colorflash RED

Throughout the show Emmett (Sean Berdy) is portrayed as somewhat a free-spirited, musical, artsy fellow, so it’s an obvious choice for him to express himself visually via the Holga Colorflash RED

The show even makes the time to show the audience a nice multiple-exposure shot.

Overall, the show’s producers appear to have a love for analogue, looking at the random background shots!

More info about the show is available at the official Switched at Birth.

Switched at Birth
Channel: ABC Family
Time: Monday 8/9c

The Holga CFN 120 Red is the same lo-fi medium format icon, dressed in red. It now comes with a built-in flash that bathes you shots with yellow, red, blue, or clear light. If the Holga misty, vignette look is not enough for you, try the Diana F+ for dreamier, softer shots.

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    It is indeed a handsome camera!

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