Planes, Engineering, and Black and White Photography


I found these pictures while I was looking for old cameras from my father’s collection. My father was a great photographer, and back in the 70’s, he was very active. Analog photography was very prevalent in his family. Today, he is retired, but his work was too great to remain in a box.

One day in the past, whenever we celebrate the Brazillian Independence Day, we had a great air show and we can see planes flying and doing their stuff. These pictures were taken during a show like this, way back in the 70’s, maybe before I was born. Well, I don’t remember if I was there, so…

My father worked for CTA (Centro Técnico Aeroespacial, our NASA - sort of -) and there, he took a lot of black and white photographs with an old and reliable Pentax Reflex. His work was something related to mechanical engineering and mechanical testing, and they use photography to take macro shots of giant mechanical parts with ultraviolet light to find little cracks in the metal. Maybe because of it they started to take photos.

Because of his work, he was in touch with the military (the CTA is an Air Force Institution), and thus, they know about this type of events. He would take my mother and the rest of family to watch every year.

My family goes to an air field to watch this amazing show with air stunts like Esquadrilha da Fumaça (our bluebirds), giant commercial and military airplanes all around, and my father was there with his beloved analog camera (in the 70’s all cameras were analog) and they would shoot all day long, only with black and white films.

The best part of the history: he developed and printed his own work. All these images from the past were really handmade by my father, who told me how to do it and showed me the beauty of photography. He would shoot, develop the film, and print all the photos in his office. They had a large lab there to develop the macro shots from the mechanical tests, so it was natural for him work with film.

What I love about these images is that a little part of my past, and a little bit of the Brazillian history with the 14 Biz (Santos Dumont famous airplane) and others in the show.

This is my father’s work—his passion and my heritage. Enjoy it with me!

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  1. sobiksaabik
    sobiksaabik ·

    Man on picture nr. 11 is wearing really nice shirt!
    Look at my lomohome, lots of airpane pictures too!

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