Urban Adventures: The Central Cemetery

The Central Cemetery of Constanta is a place where you go back in time and learn a bit of history. I was surprised to find a bunch of monuments here and passing by the modern, ordinary graves, you will find at the back at the cemetery a museum-like atmosphere.

It was a hot summer day and I was going home when I caught a glimpse of an interesting monument as I passed by an open gate of the Central Cemetery. I’m not a morbid person and I don’t particularly like anything related to death and cemeteries, but I’m a bit passionate about history and old things in general. So the monument really made me curious and, as I had my Diana with me, I thought I’d give it a shot.

After getting permission from the administrator to take some photos, I went to the back of the cemetery where the monument was at. To my surprise there were a bunch more…of course the graves were present, but they were very discrete and carefully arranged. There was a monument with a plank written in Russian, one in Romanian and another one in German.

Two of them were from World War II and one was from the National Revolution which took place in 1989. I felt like I was in a museum and, to my surprise, didn’t get depressed. As I was heading for the entrance I noticed the bust of Jean Constantin, a known Romanian actor. Took a photo of it as it was really nicely done.

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