Creating and Destroying


If you ask me if I take normal pictures, I’d better say no. If you ask me what I can do my to pictures that I haven’t already done, I still have answers left…

When you go out to shoot a few rolls of new film, it is always hard to decide the perfect camera.

This time, the chosen was a Holga 135, since it’s been a while since I got my brand new filters and I never have time to take them for a walk.

So, the creative process for this roll was to take pictures using different filters, the colored and the binocular onces, and playing with double exposures. Of course, that was not enough for me and my adventurous spirit, so I made a filter with colorful cellophane and also played with it.

As I used negative film, colours wouldn’t be saturated, so there was something left to do.

As usual, once finished the roll, I locked myself in my dark room after preparing a mixture of vinegar, stain remover and Topionic, and started to stain the film, this time without submerging it into the solution.

Once stained, I decided not to rinse it, so I dried it with the hairdryer and rewound it.

I don’t really know if the results are due to the explosive mixture of liquids I used, or if the trick is not to rinse the roll and the solution interact with the emulsion… depends on your lomographic curiosity!

Good luck!

Holga colours, contrasts, and light leaks—now in 35mm. Get your own Holga 135 now!

written by cohetesnaranjas on 2011-08-15 #gear #tutorials #film #lab-rat #tipster #cohetesnaranjas
translated by silvereyes


  1. nfxfsx
    nfxfsx ·

    Loving the color and textures on some of those shots. :)

  2. socchia
    socchia ·

    like a dream...

  3. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    some of these are truly amazing!

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