Art and culture: The Roman Mosaic

The Roman Mosaic is one of the coolest museums in Constanta. It’s not too big so you won’t get bored and you’ll have more time to focus on the details. Whenever I visit the Roman Mosaic, I always take my time to look at all the different artifacts. It is a unique and inspiring experience as I have the opportunity to see one of the most ancient art forms and discover how time has influenced it.

The Roman Mosaic was discovered by chance in 1959: some workers who were digging a foundation for a bloc of flats stumbled upon this amazing piece of art. The following years, it was covered up by a protective building which had a very good ventilating system. However, the passing of time and lack of funds have put their mark on this one-of-a-kind Mosaic dating since the III-IV century.

Back then it played a central part in the commerce of the Tomis City: it was the central market placed on three terraces which made the passage between the port and the city; here was the place where all the merchants and carriers got together to negotiate and set the prices for all the products which were going to be sold.

It originally had a 2000sqm surface. Now, only 700sqm is in good condition. The Roman Mosaic from Constanta was very colorful and has floral and geometrical motifs. Although it is in quite bad condition due to the degradation of the protective building, there is still hope for the Roman Mosaic!

A new project called Labyrinthum has started raising funds for the reconstruction and consolidation of the Mosaic: the “Antic Roman Bread” project and “Labyrinthum Wine” project. You can find more info here (it’s in Romanian, but you can translate it with Google).

Here is a really cool video reconstruction of the Roman Mosaic:

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