The Great Mosque of Constanta

The Great Mosque of Constanta is one of the most important monuments in my hometown. It impresses not only through its unique architecture, but also through the magnificent view of the Constanta Port and city which can be admired from the Mosque’s tower.

The Great Mosque of Constanta is situated in the old part of town, near the Ovidius Square and Constanta Casino. It was built between 1910 and 1912 by the Romanian engineer Gogu Constantinescu after the plans of the architect Victor Stefanescu. It was designed in a Byzantine Egyptian architectural style with Romanian influences and was built as a gift to the Muslim community of Dobrogea from Carol I, who was then the King of Romania.

Some other interesting facts:
- It is the first building in Romania made from reinforced concrete
- The supporting columns and the stairs were made from Albesti limestone
- The big entrance gate was made from black marble brought from Italy
- The tower is 47 meters high and has 140 stairs

I mostly enjoy the view from the top of the tower; it is quite one of a kind as there is no other place in Constanta where you can admire the magnificent view of the old part of town and the port. It’s also a great place for meditation and the view is very inspiring.

Entrance fee: 4 lei (less than 1 Euro)
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