H2o Beach

If you’re into kite surfing or you just enjoy having a really great time with your friends at the beach, you’ll definitely love H2o! Situated at the end of Mamaia Resort, H2o Beach is my favorite place to go swimming in the summer and escape the torrid heat of the city.

Here, the water is cleaner than other places in Mamaia, you can relax on some puffy bean bags and when it’s windy, you can watch or practice kite surfing. H2o Beach also has a volleyball net, a Gibbon on which you can practice your balance skills, a very nice beach bar where you can enjoy a cold drink and a shop where you can buy all sorts of beach stuff like bathing suits, flip flops, kite surfing equipment, shorts and sunglasses.

If you’re into water sports, but feel that kite surfing is a bit too extreme for you, then you might enjoy a ride on a kayak: you can go alone on a private adventure on one of the single kayaks, or take one of your buddies with you on one of the double kayaks; either way, you will have a great time!

So, if you’re in Constanta for the summer and want to escape from the city for a few hours, H2o Beach is the place to go: great music, lots of things to do…all in all, a great atmosphere!

If you want to swing by and are interested in the upcoming events such as beach parties, concerts or contests, take a look at their Facebook Page

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