The New York City Photo Rumble Winners Announcement


It’s downright hard to choose just 4 photos of New York as you can fall in love with over a dozen of them. But someone’s gotta do it so here’s the winners of The New York City Photo Rumble!

Out of a thousand photos submitted in The New York City Photo Rumble, how can you just pick 4? But a man’s gotta pick and Piggies are to be given away so let’s look for interesting New York sights that aren’t too common. saviorjosh takes the cake with a shot of New York that we can only dream of. Amazing! He gets 15 Piggies while the others get 10. Congrats!

Credits: saviorjosh

Here’s the runners up as well:

Photo by xkelx.
Credits: mizzfonky
Photo by skyblueskin

written by cruzron on 2011-07-20 #news #competition #rumble #lomo-wall #new-york-city


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