Lomography Cameras in Music Festivals and in the Media

Summer means fun, sun and it also means festivals. And what better way to capture these moments than through lomo cameras?! Lomography cameras and summer and festivals could not go together any better!

Super Bock Super Rock is a huge music festival that takes place in Portugal since 1994. It is named after its principal sponsor, Super Bock, a brand of national beer and it has become one of the biggest festivals in the country, luring many rock fans, but also some musicians and people from other industries. Since its foundation, many famous and historic artists have played at the festival. The festival has changed locations many times, but is currently held near the beach of Meco, in Sesimbra, just south of Lisbon.

This year’s edition counted bands such as Portishead, Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Strokes and Slash, among many others. It was three days with three stages filled with music and animation. And since it is near the beach, it is also filled with some good baths and strong suntans.

But what better way to capture these moments than Lomography cameras?! Like the ones I saw in one of the biggest national newspapers Público, Photo Coverage. =)

In the picture you can see someone with a Holga CFN 120 CMY hanging by the shoulder together with a ColorSplash nicely stuffed inside the shirt pocket.

Lomography cameras and Summer and Festivals could not go any better hand-in-hand. Have a nice summer!

Público Newspaper Super Bock Festival Photo Coverage (check out picture 29)

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