Fuji Superia 200: A Great Everyday Film


The first time I ever bought a roll of Fuji Superia 200, it was out of necessity, rather than desire: I was dead broke, and the film was the cheapest thing they had in the store. Today, however, our chance meeting has since morphed into a full-blown love affair.

Credits: muddymire

Perhaps what I love most about this film is its affordability. Retailing at only about SGD 3.50 a roll (about USD 3), only Lucky Color film can possibly rival its cheap price. This makes it a permanent staple in my film collection; at any one time, I have at least 5 rolls stashed away for future use.

Credits: muddymire

The low price doesn’t mean that Fujifilm has scrimped on quality. I was extremely impressed upon receiving my first roll back from the lab. I particularly love the colors rendered by the film indoors, and the smooth, creamy tones that give indoor images a particularly dreamy feel.

Credits: muddymire

Give Fuji Superia 200 a try today – it’s a perennial favorite of mine, and I promise that it won’t disappoint!

written by muddymire on 2011-07-28 #gear #film #35mm #review #color-negative #everyday #fuji-superia-200 #budget #requested #normal-processing


  1. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    love this film!

  2. emilydavis28
    emilydavis28 ·

    It's an awesome film, give the 400...and even 800 ISO versions ago...they're awesome too

  3. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    Nice photos

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