Cheap Colour-Filled Film


A short review on a versatile film.

This film is easy to use, readily available nearly everywhere, and cheap (depending on where you look and its expiry date).

It gives great colors and generally great images. It’s an all-around good film for every time and every place, day or night. The film is good in the sun, shade, and night time flash shots.

I do recommend this film, I have loads of this and I do use it if I want an easy film to use.

Go get some, now now now!!!

written by explorette on 2011-07-27 #gear #film #35mm #review #color-negative #lomography #fuji-superia-200 #user-review #requested

One Comment

  1. rahela
    rahela ·

    i love that film very much <3 amazing colors and contrasts! i just uploaded a whole album shot with it!

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