Abstract Amsterdam

A week in Amsterdam was enough to convince me of its charming nature as well as its dual personality!

The city of Amsterdam was at once appealing to me with its canals, flowers, and beautiful people riding elegantly on bicycles. Living in Cyprus, it’s rare for me to see such beautiful people, let alone ones riding on bicycles.

It took about a full day to get used to looking in all directions for bikes and cars before crossing, and I had to keep reminding my friends to keep out of the bike lanes! However, after getting lost (on purpose) and exploring the city, a completely different perspective emerged to me. There is a much more seedy underbelly which co-exists alongside this relaxed and happy place. I’m referring, mostly, to ‘Weed Tourism’, the Red Light District and even the overpriced touristic aspect of the city.

For me, the real Amsterdam lies in the unique, stylish, and laid-back citizens who ride their old-fashioned bikes whilst balancing babies on the handlebars, it lies in the beautiful and quaint architecture, and it lies in the simple pleasures one can get from spending an entire afternoon lazing in a vast park.

Now, when it came to capturing my week on film, I chose to experiment with a Diana F+ 35mm back, which I had previously been disappointed with. I was, once again, saddened to find that the results were not what I was expecting. Yet, the more I look at them, the more I find that these photos reflect the side of Amsterdam which I fell in love with.

My Fisheye photos, meanwhile, are more of a fun catalog of all the unique people or sights that one might come across in this city.

So visit Amsterdam! I guarantee an unusual and unique experience, probably one completely different from the one I had! Visit http://dimuir.blogspot.com/ to see my sketches from my holiday! :)

written by didimuir on 2011-09-06 #places #summer #holidays #city-life #location #amsterdam #fisheye #diana-f #urban-adventures

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