Rollei A100 Super Spy Camera

Tiny camera, BIG love!!!

The world’s smallest pocket camera, made in the 70s, takes 110 film which is quite rare nowadays.

It has a typical 110 film camera design as it has to be pulled open. When it is closed important parts like the lens and viewfinder are protected by the two outer parts of the camera body.

I love this camera, it is so small and you can sneak it in places where cameras aren’t allowed….such as on roller coaster rides!!! :P

Small, simple and easy to use, this is a great spy camera!!!! but as the film is very hard to find and some quite out of date, some of the photos you get out of it isn’t the best. These photos were taken with 1980’s Agfa 110 film. I now have some 2008 Fuji to play with! :)

written by explorette on 2011-07-26 #gear #rollei #review #lomography #film-camera #user-review #rollei-spy-110-camera

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