Lubitel Love From Waist Level Chapter 44: The Lomography World Archive &

Where is all of this going? We are busy-beavering away with hundreds of thousands of Lomographers on the perpetually ongoing Lomographic Sisiphus project: The Lomography World Archive.

This archive seeks to document the incredible world around us in a never-ending stream of snapshots, and we hope to make it the biggest and most dazzling snapshot collection on Earth, a collection of millions of the wackiest, most exciting, and most impressive sights and moments of our time! Where are these archives? Inside the shoe boxes of Lomographers, stacked on chairs or tables, in cupboards, drawers, albums, on the ceilings and walls, cataloged on computer hard drives, in the vast collections of the Lomographic Embassies and at the Lomographic Society International Central Archive in Vienna… and in the highest & most selective quality at the online LomoWorldArchive at It’s an archive that’s growing by the minute!

Join us (the Lomographers), and discover all the events, competitions, activities, products, and inspirational bits and pieces that we offer. We can’t wait to meet you!

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