Vintage Ads on the Railway Line


On my summer holiday in Dartmouth last year, I spotted some great examples of vintage signs at the rail station and adorning the walls around the platform.

Credits: fletchinski84

On the old steam railway between Dartmouth and Paignton (which is in itself very vintage and old-school), there are still lots of the original metal advertising plaques which are really interesting to see and equally to photograph. In the photos below, you can see them along the platform where people are waiting to board the steam train.

Credits: fletchinski84

I enjoyed the vintage feel of the railway experience with it being an old steam one but I think my favourite part was spotting all the old advertising boards as we made our way into paignton. I didn’t realize there would be so many more along the way and sadly missed a few gems as we got closer to our destination.

I think my favourite sign out of them all though has to be this one I spotted for Kodak. I love the way it is advertising films – you never really see that anymore. And I like the way it says photographic apparatus, I am not sure anywhere would use this terminology nowadays.

Credits: fletchinski84

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