Animal Experimentation with the Diana F+ and Diana Instant Back+

Chill out, all you PETA supporters out there! I love animals of all sorts (well… except for spiders!) and could never do any harm to them. But the Lomographic future awaits and the only road to it lies in science and, therefore, experimentation.

That’s why I collected some cavies for my Lomographic Animal Experiment, but I assure you their agony won’t last long… this is the Instax Animal Experimentation!

When I unboxed the Diana Instant Back+ for my Diana F+, the evil mad scientist in me immediately knew who to sacrifice in the name of the Lomographic science: poor innocent puppies!

It all started with my sister’s lazy cat…scalp removal!

Then…the Frankenhund! A Pomeranian’s head on a Shetland Sheepdog’s body.

That took a lot of time to accomplish, and in the end there were dog hairs, broken bones and skulls all around…

The one-eyed Sheltie underwent an x-ray eye transplant — he can now see through the walls too!

Last but not least, the collie puppy was first exposed to gamma-rays…

…and then cut in two!

Then, my trusty assistant, Bookworm Pikachu, helped me cleaning out everything…

We also had to destroy all the tapes we recorded our freaky experiment on — we couldn’t really afford to make tracks!

No cat, Pomeranian, Shetland or Collie was harmed during the making of this freaky Lomographic experiment. Bookwarm Pikatchu worked under a regular employment contract and all of its contractual clauses were respected. The destroyed tapes were disposed of according to the country’s current regulations. Do not try x-rays or gamma rays at home!

I do not support animal experimentation. Pet torture (and abandonment) is a crime. LOVE YOUR PETS!

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