Holga 135 BC: The Master of Vignette


Adore dreamy, mysterious photos? Holga 135 BC will be your best choice. It has a mask which creates extra thick vignette to your photos (BC stands for Black Corner). It uses 35mm films, which are cheaper than 120 films.


  • Size: 4.5″ × 3″ × 2.5″ (11.5 × 7.5 × 6.5cm)
  • Weight: 6oz (170g)
  • Format: all 35mm film (color negative, slide, b&w)
  • Lens: Plastic 47mm, f/8
  • Focus: manual zone focus with four distance settings
  • Approximate 35mm format equivalent focal length: 38mm
  • Aperture settings: f/8, f/11
  • Shutter speeds: 1/125, “B”
  • Flash: standard hotshoe
  • Rear mask for enhanced “Black Corner” Effect
  • Uncoupled advance & shutter release for multiple exposures
  • Standard tripod & standard cable release threads
  • Standard 35mm processing that can be done at any lab, supermarket, etc.

Black Corner Mask
This unique mask creates a shadowy vignette in the four corners of the photo. The effect draws your plane of focus to one point and then lets you discover the rest of the shot. It is precisely this masking effect that produces the Black Corner’s intriguing atmosphere.

Plastic 47/8 Optical Lens
Without this unique plastic lens the Holga would undoubtedly lose her mojo. Simple as it may be this little plastic gem is responsible for radiating the Holga’s signature, otherworldly essence.

Uncoupled Advance and Shutter
This feature allows you to shoot limitless times on the same frame – thereby multi-exposing the shot. Try this feature to create a layered air of mystery with the Black Corner.

Variable Shutter Speeds
You get two to choose from. “N” – the standard daytime speed of 1/125 second or the exotic long-exposure “B” setting – where you can hold the shutter open for as long as you want. Use “B” to capture dazzling night images without a flash. Pair the “B” setting with a flash shot to freeze your sharp, flashed subject in front of a streaming, glowing background. Team the “B” setting with a tripod (via the bottom tripod thread) for a sharp night portrait.

Variable Aperture
A two-option weather guide helps you to select the right aperture size. The ‘sunshine’ icon represents f/11 – or switch to ‘cloudy’ f/8 for dull and nighttime shots.

Iconic Zone Focus
The lens has four focus settings. An easy-peasy iconic focus indicator allows you to opt for portrait, small group, big group or infinity.

Standard Tripod & Shutter Release Threads
Take the shake out of your shot with these tricks for long exposures! Fit a tripod into the bottom and a cable release into the top, and you’re set for solid, shake-free shots of a few seconds to a few hours!

Standard Hotshoe
There is no need to be in the dark with the Black Corner – its hotshoe means standard electronic flashes will shoot in sync with the shutter release.

Normal 35mm processing
Cheap and cheerful – easy and convenient! Whether you opt for colour, B&W or slide – developing your shots will not be a problem!

Info via Holga Microsite

Sample photos:

Neutral Mode
Bulb Mode

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  1. francesco1
    francesco1 ·

    sounds very "standard" This seems like an awesome camera!

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    my favorite came...<:)

  3. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    The last shot is killer!!

  4. laylara
    laylara ·

    totally agree! i love my 135bc...great colors when paired with the color flash and excellent vignetting.

  5. cptsalek
    cptsalek ·

    The 120CFN is so far my favorite camera, but the 135BC should be on its way. Can't wait to shot my first film with it! Btw: The 120WPC is worth a try as well. Guess there's a good chance that I become a Holga addict. :)

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