LomoTour Berlin: Rambazamba in Neukölln

In the area of Neukölln that borders Kreuzberg, sometimes known as Kreuzkölln, clubs and bars have sprung up like mushrooms. Nowhere else is better to hop from bar to bar as in Reuterkiez and in and around Weserstraße.

1. Gel Gör Inegol Köfteci
If you’ve ever asked yourself, whether there’s a difference between all these Döner kebab stalls in Berlin, here’s your answer. Here you can grab the best Köfte and the finest lentil soup in the city; that should be enough to get you through the night!

Location: Kottbusser Damm 80, 10967 Berlin-Neukölln

2. Bei Schlawinchen
This place is a true Berliner bar with furniture that’ll make your eyes pop out of your head! Whilst people of all different backgrounds prop up the bar of “Bei Schlawinchen”, motorbikes, sparkling highway signs and puppets decorate the ceiling. The beer is cheap, the music is solid and the foosball table properly oiled!

Location: Schönleinstraße 34, 10967 Berlin-Neukölln

3. Mama Bar
But wait, we must move on! It’s a bit more stylish in Mama Bar as in Schlawinchen. This is where the much-loved Neukölln bar formula has been applied: take an unrenovated space on a ground floor, throw in some old furniture and a bar. Add some great Czech beer on tap and you’re finished!

Location: Hobrechtstr. 61, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln

4. Kuschlowski
For the ultimate vodka enjoyment, there’s no place in Neukölln better than Kuschlowski. The Ukrainian vodka, that’s served with a small canapé, warms the heart and the real wooden fireplace takes care of the rest.

Location: Weserstraße 202, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln

5. Fuchs und Elster
Make sure you make a note of the address because it’s very easy to overlook this club from the outside and it’s really not easy to find! Through an empty restaurant, you then go into the basement and voila! Underground, everybody huddles together, drinking peppered cocktails and dancing until the early hours to American country music, courtesy of the live-band.

Location: Weserstraße 207, 12047 Berlin- Neukölln

6. Afterclub Köfte
“And where to now?“ It’s 5am and to go home now would probably be the sensible option but far too boring. Apart from that, hunger is starting to kick in again. Okay then, back to Gel Gör! Nothing seems to have changed here in the last 8 hours, just that the remaining guests are attempting to soak up the remaining alcohol with a good halloumi-cheese sandwich. Try out the homemade Ayran and black teas and the morning after won’t be half as bad. Good night!

Location: Kottbusser Damm 80, 10967 Berlin-Neukölln

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translated by severin

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