Kobe in Winter 2010

My virgin roll taken during my Kansai trip in December 2010.

It is my first time in Kobe, Japan. After hearing much about the little seaport city which was hit by the 1995 earthquake, I decided to take a day-trip to Kobe during my Kansai trip in December 2010.

After arriving at the Kobe station, we set off on foot to the nearby Old Settlement Town. It was a beautiful day with blue skies, perfect for lomography. The European houses that littered the Old Settlement Town remind us of the European influence which came into Kobe during the early last century.

We later climbed up further the hill, to catch a glimpse of the famous Weatherbird! And to our surprise, we could see the sea not too far away too.

We then set off again on foot into Kobe City, towards the port area to see the tower and the Meriken Park.

It was a nice day out at Kobe, a pleasant and quaint city suitable to be traveled around on foot!

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