Ikke Bare Plast Not Just Plastic


In the 1950s, plastic was introduced as a new and exciting material for making boats. What followed was an era of beautiful plastic boats. Despite the fact that the old boats have become rare and hard to come by, the museum in Vest-Agder (Norway) has made an event inviting people from all over the country to show off their legendary old boats. As a result, they have created a beautiful scene for any lomographer who wants to capture something unique!

The Vest-Agder Museum has arranged an annual event where all the departments of the museum get together and arrange a sort of “cultural festival” with events for both the old and the young. The event happens during the beginning of summer when Norway is at its most beautiful! This year it was held on the 18th of June and the turn out was good despite it being a relatively small event. The weather was great and there were many things to keep you occupied. Despite the display of old plastic boats being the main attraction, the whole event is basically a museum brought outdoors for the public to enjoy for free.

Grab a hot dog, and some soda and enjoy the day by the water in the sun, while looking at a show consisting of some of the most stunning old boats the country of Norway has to offer. Bring your camera and capture not only the event, but also the stunning southern town of Kristiansand, and all it has to offer.

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  1. michell
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    Det ser dejligt ud! :)

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