B*ATL 2011: 147th Anniversary of the Battle of Atlanta

July 22nd marks the 147th Anniversary of the historic Civil War Battle of Atlanta. To commemorate the important event, the neighborhoods in Atlanta’s 5th Council District have teamed up to organize B*ATL in the weekend of July 12th-17th. The battlefield is actually in these neighborhoods where people live and work and play today.

I decided to take my cameras to the event to document some of these fascinating reenactments. We went to the encampment where they held “real” battle scenes and lectures on the medical technology of the Civil War, cemetery tours, canon shots, and general life on the battlefield. People in the south continue to celebrate this specific period of history by collecting actual artifacts, reenacting actual battles, and getting all dressed up in uniforms true to the period. It’s a very strange thing to watch yet fascinating because there’s a great deal of history involved.

The following are a few pictures from this odd and educational subculture:

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