Night on the Town: Overlive Festival in Marinha Grande

Every year, Cisco Cultural Association promotes a three-day festival in the heart of Marinha Grande city. This is a great opportunity to grab my Cosina CX-1, load it with 400 ISO film and shoot some great bands.

Cisco Cultural Association is the main promoter of concerts, workshops, and many other activities in Marinha Grande. This association is composed of young, but very responsible people and every year they promote the Overlive Music Festival, allowing the people from Marinha Grande to see national and international bands acting in the heart of our beloved city. Usually the concerts are made in historical buildings, in the city’s beautiful gardens or in our historical theatre, which is being converted in a cultural house that will bring even better conditions for the next events.

This festival lasts three days and you can watch up to three to four bands each day. This festival usually has great sound and lighting conditions providing a great concert for those who only want to watch and listen to the bands and awesome conditions. For me, I like to listen to the bands but I like to take photos of them even more and the lighting is perfect for that, I can use a 400 ISO film loaded in my Cosina CX-1 without being worried about blurred shots.

I can achieve magnificent results with automatic zone focus cameras and without flash. I just need to point, wait for the right moment and shoot, the lighting, and the Cosina CX-1’s superb meter will do the rest, which allows me to have fun and shoot at the same time without losing any bit of the concert.

I have a very good relationship with the Cisco staff; they give me access to places closed to the public, usually very near to the stage, backstage included. I can get very close to band members when they are acting, up to one or two meters which is perfect for zone focus cameras.

I sincerely hope that Cisco promotes this festival for many years to come; they have done a great job promoting awesome bands and making great use of historical buildings for the people of Marinha Grande.

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