LCA+ - A Dream Come True


I wanted an LCA from the first moment I discovered its existence. I’d see these motion-filled photos, full of color and life, usually of some exotic place, some fascinating building, or a scene with people who looked like they were having the time of their life…I wanted to be one of those people! I wanted to be documenting life with a camera that would take pictures such as those!

After much deliberation I decided to set my sights on an LCA+. And then the day came when (with some financial help from my Mom…thanks again!!!!) I finally placed my order. The days that followed were agonizing, I went through cycles of anxiousness, excitement, nervousness…it was like a celebrity, who I’d sought after for so long, had made a date with me and I was anticipating meeting them at the door for the first time. What would my first actions be? Would I faint? Would I be disappointed? There were so many thoughts swirling around in my head. What type of film to use first? Where should my first shots be taken at? Finally, the package arrived, and I met my camera face to face.

It took no time at all for a few rolls to be done and processed and loaded onto my laptop and, voila, it was all I had hoped for!!! The colors, the slight blurry shots that give depth and movement…that LCA feeling was there in all my photos. It was a dream come true! I discovered all of those exotic places, those cool buildings, and those happy people now showing up in MY photos, too. And some of the best things I’ve learned about this camera: with the lens closed, there’s no chance of taking any accidental shots; you really DO get used to the focus settings and start adjusting them without even looking; and the click sound that this camera makes is so soothing I could meditate on it.

I love to run 800 speed Fuji Press film through my LCA+, thanks to the high ISO settings available on it, because it conveniently adjusts and allows for a quicker shutter speed. I love to run Velvia slide film and cross process it for blazing red shots (this was especially fun during the holiday season!). I also love to run Klick film and other inexpensive brands because this camera is capable of wonders even when running off of cheap film.

My knight in shining armor arrived on a white horse running for UPS and wearing a cloak with the word LOMO printed on it. With this camera, everyone has a chance at living happily ever after.

written by strangelilgirl on 2009-01-15 #gear #35mm #review #lomo #lc-a

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  1. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    Nice review. Nice shots 11,13,14 and 19 :)
    Will be processing my rolls from my newly LC-A too I got this Christmas :)

  2. dirklancer
    dirklancer ·

    Wow! Two camera reviews in one day - congrats!
    What are you saving your piggies for? :)

  3. strangelilgirl
    strangelilgirl ·

    Thanks so much guys!!! I don't have anything decided for sure yet, but I keep thinking about those Fuji Instax mini cameras or whatever they are called. So who knows...hopefully I'll find out soon, though, if I get enough piggies saved up!

  4. amydances
    amydances ·

    I really love this review! And i especially love the shots taken from ground level...number 20 is my fav :) Enjoy it!

  5. kirri-joy
    kirri-joy ·

    cool review! im getting one soon! (hopefully...if saving goes to plan :P)

  6. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    awww - its still a dream for me to have an LCA+... (keep dreamin')

  7. sarahboat
    sarahboat ·

    Nice review! I had a similar reaction with my Holga. I thought that I'd have to travel far and wide to find cool people and fascinating places to photograph, but all of that magic is really inside the camera.

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