Falling Water and Kentuck Knob


While in Pittsburgh, I visited one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous buildings, Falling Water. Nearby is another Wright design called Kentuck Knob and its current owner’s sculpture garden.

Falling Water is considered to be one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous designs and is ranked as one of the Smithsonian’s Top 25 Places to Visit Before You Die. Built over the Bear Run Creek in the Allegheny Mountains outside of Pittsburgh, it features cantilever concrete terraces which stretch over the waterfall. It was built between 1936 and 1939 for the Kauffman family who owned a very successful department store in New York City. Although the radical design has undergone repairs in recent years it still stands as a beacon for organic architecture and a landmark in engineering.

Located near Falling Water is Kentuck Knob which was also designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is still privately owned but open for tours. The current owner is an English Lord who also has a sculpture garden on the ground which was open as well. The building shares some similar design features as Falling Water but is meant to be a simpler home but embodies the same beautiful organic architecture.

The sculptures stand out in greater contrast to the almost beautifully invisible home.

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    So jealous right now!

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    love the telephone booths!

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