A Surfy Recap of MadNes 2011


With great memories and still some sand in between the toes, it’s about time for the MadNes 2011 recap! Were you there? Lucky you! If not, no worries, just be there next year. Read on and enjoy our story, all pictures and the very first Dutch LomoMatrix movie!

Dude maximum chillin’, let the wind blowing through his hair and listening to the RHCP via his iPod speakers

Monday, June 20st, feels like weeks ago. The day that MadNes crew Peter and Steven added us very last minute to their festival program. Lomography and MadNes were the perfect match! With a great stand, 3 workshops, a LomoMatrix and hundreds of amazing pictures we have to conclude — it was a blast!

Thursday evening — final check. Do we have all cameras? Films? Posters? Stickers? Oh yeah, we are ready to go! Friday morning we headed down to Station Weesp to pick up Stephan and Niels. Both are packed and ready to go on a world trip. We crammed everything in the little AX, turned on the woofer and armed with LC-A+ cameras, we made our way up north. Cruisin’ through the rain, we slowly asked ourselves, “what the f*** are we actually doing?!” But we knew the sun was waiting for us at Ameland!

And oh yeah, the sun DID shine when we arrived at the harbor. Got our tickets, jumped on board, bought over-expensive coffee, and had to deal with lots of crying babies. But hey, we were armed with La Sardina cameras on our way to picturesque Ameland, where the local bus driver was patiently waiting for us, such a nice guy. We hitched on his bus and got dropped off in front of the festival area. There we could hear the bouncing beats from the camping DJ flying in our direction. Easy way to find the campsite! After we arrived at the campsite we met Geert Jan Kap, a festival crew member, who had this wicked smile on his face. Somebody was looking forward to a great weekend!

Extremely happy with his new Fisheye camera.

After pitching our tents, a first boost of Monster drink, we were ready for a classic first party night on the beach.

On the nicely decorated festival area, we started with a ride in the carousel…

…followed by a good bite of tapas…

…some snapshots of wicked skater boys at the halfpipe…

…and crowdsurfing in the party tent!

A great party with an ever better atmosphere! Those MadNes guys definitely know how to party!

The next morning we noticed real hardcore dudes with surfboards under their arms crawling out of their tents to catch the very first breaks, while other party people were trying to get rid of their hangover. We got ourselves ready for a day of workshops at the festival area. In the party tent which still smelled like beer, other clinics were getting ready to rock. We got a nice place in the corner, grabbed a few couches and a table, and made a nice Lomography stand including sample pictures, cameras, and posters. Lomography the Netherlands was represented!

…and Maaike was so kind to help us around a bit.

All workshops were fully booked before the festival even started. So yes, we did expect some people, but eventually even more people dropped by! So cool!

On Saturday, June 25th, we did 3 Diana F+ workshops with 45 fanatic Lomographers. We collected the films of all workshop tenants and got them developed afterwards. Especially for this event, we set up an exclusive MadNes LomoHome and uploaded all workshop pictures on this page, separated by lomographer. Please have a look and check out your self-made lomographs! You can also download the photos yourself or send your album link to all your friends and family. Show them your pride!

That Saturday was almost over before we even noticed it. The evening came and it was time for a crazy MadNes party again. Mustaches were ready, the beer was rollin’ and the music was on — rock’n’roll!

…and Madri had good times with the one and only Donavon.

Where we did not have any sunlight on Saturday morning, the Sunday started off way better. Clear blue sky, nice summer temperature, and some good sun all day long! Time for bikinis and shorties!

With an extra workshop due to several requests, and the well-beloved LomoMatrix, this Sunday was maybe the highlight of the weekend.

But a LomoMatrix? What the hell is that? We will explain it to you, no problem. First, you arrange 15 (or more) fanatic lomographers and place them in a circle. Make sure they are armed with a 35mm Lomography camera and unused film. Then, everyone starts aiming on the center of the circle and capture the moving subject at the center at the same time. All these photos will be developed and placed behind each other. This way, we were able to create a moving subject using several lomographs — a real Matrix move! On the Ameland beach, we managed to create a couple of great Matrix moves and made an awesome movie out of it, including some nice atmosphere shots and good music. Click on full screen, turn on your sound,
and enjoy the very first Dutch LomoMatrix!

and for fans of Vimeo:

Most importantly, all credits go to the great editors of this movie and pure lomographers Sjaak & Nout. They worked their asses off to create this wicked movie in a very short notice. Thanks guys!

The music in this movie is a track of our Dutch Lomo Amigos Go Back To The Zoo. They were so kind to give us the rights for using their song Beam Me Up. Thanks dudes!

Everything comes to an end. This wonderful weekend at Ameland was great. A special thanks goes to the entire crew of the MadNes festival, Stephan, Niels, Maaike, all workshop tenants, and everybody else who made this weekend a blast. See you next year!

Team Lomography the Netherlands

Enjoy our finest selection of MadNes lomographs:

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  1. mrmaart
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    oh yeah!

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    Moustache sits well on you madri ;) beautiful galleries and an amazing matrix!

  3. mrmaart
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    hehehe :) - i guess she hasn't seen the article yet adrian ;)

  4. chaotic4life
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    Great pics and the video is awesome! Looks like everybody had an awesome time. I think I am jealous :D

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    Great pics! It's a pity the weather was to bad on saturday afternoon.. :(

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    Oh Donavon.... *sigh*

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    wow! incredible photos! congratz!! ;) (made me really jealous!)

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    Never see anithing like this before! I am amazed! Great photos, gret video, and great music!

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