Elle: Fisheye Nº2


My friend “laviejasirena” gave me a magazine as a gift and look at what I found inside! Another lomo appearance to write about for a little news article.:)

Upon arrival in Santander, Leila gave me this magazine so I could write about the featured about a Lomo camera inside it.

Elle is the typical magazine girls buy at the airport. It’s fun to look at clothes and dream about makeup that you cannot actually afford.

It’s issue number 298, July 2011 of ELLE.

So when the magazine people was coming up with which travel essentials to suggest to its globetrotting readers, they “packed” a case for different types of jetsetters – based on where they are going and of course, the weather.

For example, ff you had to go somewhere sunny, this is what you should pack: bikini, hat, surfboard, sunglasses, flip flops and…. yes, yes, the Lomo Fisheye 2 (“retro camera”) Although, upon seeing the article, there appears to be a minor glitch, they’ve forgotten to pack the underwater housing! hahaha…

And then, laviejasirena noticed another little detail on another page. In the fashion section, there appears to be a boy with a vintage camera that is similar to the Lubitel.

Analogue is definitely dominating the press!


written by barakalofi on 2011-08-17 #news #fashion #summer #magazine #press #lomography #news
translated by webo29


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    Nice article! I buy this magazine at the airport!

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