New Desserts that Remind Us of the Old Days

Norwegian chocolate company Freia has recently launched a line of desserts that don’t look recently launched in the slightest.

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With the idea of communicating the selling point of the product, homemade taste, Freia commissioned Tangram Design, a design agency of the same Norwegian roots, to create their packaging design. The agency’s commitment to visually stimulating identity made them fit for the job.

True enough, Tangram came up with these delightful images of children, very reminiscent of 1950s illustrations for children’s books.

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The rationale behind the concept could be the easy association between homemaking and the distant past when simple living was the dominant trend. It was a time before mechanization and mass production, with a premium placed in the craft of making by hand, cooking from scratch.

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And so it was a stroke of genius for Tangram to tackle the Freia project from a retro perspective. The boxes of pudding look especially tasty, just like how moms used to make them.

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