Glasgow Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens in Glasgow’s West End includes an outdoor arboretum and several Victorian greenhouses. Created in 1817 and originally used to supply the nearby university; the gardens were host to all manner of concerts and events. Two abandoned railway stations are located within its grounds.

The Botanic Gardens are well known to West End locals and is a popular tourist spot. I love coming here because even if it’s raining you can go inside the Kibble Palace (the main glasshouse house) or one of the smaller glass houses.

The Kibble Palace is sometimes busy with lots of children running around and pointing at the fish. On other days, it’s quieter with only a few people sitting around enjoying the peace. I like that I don’t know what to expect. It always seems bright in here since the roof and walls are all frosted glass.

The three smaller glass houses are also worth checking out. There is one which is very hot and wet and has all manner of tropical plants. Another has lots of cacti and succulents and is decked out like a desert.

Outside the front of the glass houses is a massive lawn where people come to sunbathe as soon as the clouds vanish. When it’s sunny in Glasgow, the place is absolutely jampacked! Behind the main glasshouses and front gardens is the arboretum. I haven’t taken any analogue photographs there yet but it is very serene. It’s strange to see trees planted on purpose because they’re very carefully spaced out and not natural distanced from one another.

With summer coming up, you can be sure you’ll get the most from a visit here…plus there’s usually an ice cream van at the front gate, which is on the intersection of Great Western Road and Byers Road!

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