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Great pictures, great ideas and a great Lomographer. Sonalee Tomar has been out in Pune shooting and now she’s here with us, showing some of her work and her ideas about Lomography and her viewpoint.

Name : Sonalee Tomar
Location : Pune, India
Lomo Home : www.lomography.com/homes/weirdbunny

Why Film?
Its easy to shoot a thousand digital pictures in very little time and there are bound to be at least a few good ones amongst them. Film involves some planning, direction and technique. I love the sense of anticipation I feel with every roll. Its almost like opening a present you forgot you bought yourself.

How did Lomography shape your perception about photographs?
Life is constantly evolving and I try to embrace that, Lomography is a great medium to freeze moments. I’ve had some interesting revelations after I started shooting with film. The process of creating the photographs was not something I dwelled on before, but its now almost as fulfilling as the result. I’ve started thinking of the different kinds of formats and pictures I want to try shooting. Discovering Lomography has opened my mind to so many possibilities.

Taking long walks in crowded streets and getting lost intentionally has never been so much fun. Its also turned me into a bit of an avid toy camera collector. I have so many on my to-buy-list.

Your favorite Lomography camera and why?
I have an Oktomat, Lomography Fisheye 2 and an Lomography La Sardina El Captain. Out of these and a few other Lomography cameras I have used till date, my Fisheye 2 has produced the coolest pictures (especially underwater) and brought me the most joy. A friend got it for me from Hungary and it was worth the month long wait. I especially like the look of it and have pimped it further, with bling beads and its turned into a great conversation piece. I’ve been dreaming of getting a medium format camera soon.

Tell us the story behind your favorite picture.
Don’t have any one particular favorite because I don’t feel like I have taken enough pictures yet :) but there’s this one picture of my boyfriend I shot outside some restaurant that I really like. Its a double exposure. And then there’s is a bunch I shot recently with my Fisheye 2 underwater that got great reviews and were so much fun to shoot.

One tip for all the Lomographers out there?
I think one can develop a good body of work through patience and experimentation. Learn to shoot without too much calculation. Learn to enjoy wasting time. Forget about stats.

Sonalee also runs a fantastic Blog, so check it out too!

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