My Model

I take more pictures of this person than everyone else combined!

I see a lot of amazing portraits on Lomgraphy. Sometimes, I dig around, ask questions about how they obtained such a beautiful subject for their photos. Sometimes, I find out that the lomographer hired an actual model for their photos!

I don’t have the time or money to hire pretty people for my photos, but I have better resources anyway. While often my friends and family refuse to be in any photos I take, there’s one person who is always willing to let me snap a quick picture and is very supportive of my passion for any type of photography: my boyfriend, Nathen Brown.

That’s him. Right there. What a cutie! He’s not a size zero female model, but he’s the next best thing:

I take photos of him everywhere and he doesn’t mind at all. I even have pictures of him at the grocery store and at the gun range:

Nathen has an amazing smile and fun personality. Whenever I’m around him, that sense of humor tends to come out in my photos. He’s always sticking out his tounge or jumping around. This last photo is one of my favorites of him!

written by courtneygawthorp8193 on 2011-08-16 #lifestyle #analog #inspiration #love #boyfriend #model #lomography #analogue-lifestyle

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