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Welcome to this week’s shopping guide. We got a brand new item in and a spectecular shop offer up and running.

Welcome to this week’s shopping guide. We got a brand new item in and a spectecular shop offer up and running.

New Products

Diana+ Cable Release Adaptor

Ever since this Diana+ essential was released as a part of the Diana+ Deluxe Kit, we had people asking to have available as a seperate single item. And guess what, that’s jsut what’S happening now. Please welcome the Diana+ Cable Release adaptor in all it’s beauty. Grab this long exposure pal along with a tripod and the night belongs to you.

Shake-free shots and dreamy self-portraits will no longer be a problem for nocturnal Diana lovers! This special Cable Release Adaptor will keep your camera steady for nighttime and long-exposure images.

The cable release adaptor can be locked to make a really long exposure – without you having to hold it all that time. You can also opt to expose just as long as you press the cable release. This kit also allows you to take self-portraits!

  • Perfect for self-portraits, nighttime and long-exposure shots
  • Includes cable release, cable release adaptor, poster

Back in Stock

Fuji Instax 7S

Watch out we still got a very limited stock of Fuji Instax 7S Choco cameras in stock. This are going to be the last until we receive the next delivery. So if you fancy yourself one, you should be quick.

You’re in luck with the retro-styled Choco Instax 7s. Why so? Not only do they have the lowest and luckiest number in the Cheki series they are also the kindest to your wallet!

Sound like winners already? It gets even better because the Cheki 7 couldn’t be easier to use. With its simple exposure control, automatic built-in flash, 0.6m – infinity focusing and high quality Fujinon lens – the fortune cookie has crumbled in your favour. Uses wallet-sized Fuji Instax Mini film

Special Offers

January Retail Therapy

Until january 15th we are offering 3 spectular levels of shopping dicount. Did I mention that we are throwing in a pack of Lomography Shutter Buttons with every order? Well now you know!

  • Orders > 75 €/$ get a free Holga Frame
  • Orders > 100 €/$ receive a free Holga Frame & Fotoclips
  • Orders 130+ €/$ get a free Holga Frame & Fotoclips & Lomography Notebook*
  • Visit the shop!

Super Bargain – Diana Deluxe Set

Save a bombastic 104 EUR/ 140 USD when getting the Diana Deluxe set instead of buying the items seperately!

  • Diana+
  • Diana Flash
  • Hotshoe adaptor
  • Cable Release Collar and cable release
  • Diana Back+ 4 masks for 4 formats
  • Viewfinder Adaptor
  • Universal viewfinder
  • Fisheye viewfinder
  • Splitzer
  • Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens
  • Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens
  • Diana+ 55mm Wide-Angle Lens
  • Close-Up Lens, Diana+ 110mm Telephoto Lens

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  1. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    Yes, I've been waiting so much for the Diana cable release adaptor!!! Sweet =)

  2. xbalboax
    xbalboax ·

    Diana+ Cable Release Adaptor = Awesome and the price for the adapter is right!

  3. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    yeah :) finally Diana+ cable release available separately :) yohooo!

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